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    New Blog Address: management.curiouscatblog.net

    Friday, July 15, 2005

    Deming and Six Sigma

    The first Curious Cat Management Improvement blog post was on the Six Sigma and Deming Philosophies

    Recently the Deming Electronic Network has returned to this topic.

    The Quality Advisor web site has an article on this topic: Deming and Six Sigma

    The Six Sigma process can be seen to offer a parallel to Deming's Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle, although Six Sigma brings experimental design and regression analysis to the forefront in the "plan" phase. Six Sigma also emphasizes design as a key function for achieving six sigma performance levels, and devotes attention to planning the design phase of production. Deming, too, emphasized "Plan" in his four-state cycle, promoting the importance of establishing a relationship between desired output and required input as well as necessary production processes.

    Perhaps the most striking difference between the approaches is Deming's focus on the responsibilities of management, outlined in his "The 14 Obligations of Management," and "The Deadly Diseases." The Six Sigma approach, by contrast, lays out a more rigid structure of roles and responsibilities throughout an organization, including executive management, a senior champion, deployment champions, project champions, deployment master black belts, project master black belts, project black belts, process owners, and six sigma green belts.

    What would Deming do? by David R. Schwinn

    I started thinking that it might be interesting to ask, "What would Deming do (WWDD)?" as it relates to Six Sigma theory and practice...

    The site doesn't provide links form one part to the next so here those links are:

    part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5


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